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I see you've come upon Scarlet Mystery; what is it you ask? Well, it's the fan community for Ada Wong, the mysterious spy in RE2 and RE4. Here, you will be allowed to post icons, banners, fanfictions, fanart, anything that involves Ada here. Feel free to introduce yourself to the members here, a few things you might mention would be, what your name is, why you like Ada, and the like. You don't even have to post, you can simply sit back and watch others post things. In any case, enjoy your stay.

Who is Ada Wong? Ada is a freelance spy that was sent to get the G-Virus in RE2; while she comes off heartless and selfish, she's really one of those few spies that actually had emotional weaknesses but refused to admit it. While she used the cover-up that she was simply a tourist looking for her boyfriend (who was John Howe, an employee of Umbrella), the cover soon fell, especially after her encountered with Leon Kennedy. Depending on your scenarios, Ada will have a very deep moment with Leon before supposedly dying. Albert Wesker was the one to keep her from her untimely death; she later returns in RE4, sent to Saddler's areas to retrieve his Las Plagas sample, encountering Leon on the way. She's become more experienced, and more cliche spy-like in this game, but perhaps that's why so many more people started liking her. Ada ends up succeeding, all for the sake of -- ERROR; information release, denied.


1. Please, absolutely NO character bashing, I don't care who it is.
2. If you have more than three icons, a fanfiction, or a graphic over 200 x 200 pixels, etc. (that includes colorbars), put it under a cut.
3. Any theories on Ada, or anything of the sort, like tips for Assignment Ada or Mercenaries, feel free to share them.
4. Do not advertise your communities without the moderator's permission, unless it's, of course, Ada-related. Chances are, I will let you advertise, as long as it isn't ridiculous.
5. If you want to affiliate, feel free to post it up on the boards, I'd be more than happy to affiliate with other communities.
6. Absolutely NO adult content, it will not be accepted. Put that on your own site, not here.
7. Don't argue with the other members, if you do, your posts will be deleted; if you're going to fight, take it outside the community.
8. The most important rule of all; have fun.

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